Bubble donut

Bubble donut

the ingredients :

  • 200 grams of flour.
  • 30 grams of sugar.
  • 2 grams of salt.
  • 3 grams dry yeast.
  • an egg.
  • 130ml milk.
  • 20 grams butter.
  • 50 grams powdered sugar.
  • pipe bag.

Preparation :

-Sift 200 grams of flour, add 30 grams of sugar, 2 grams of salt, 3 grams of dry yeast, mix them together, then add an egg, 130 ml of milk, and 20 grams of melted butter, stirring constantly until it becomes The dough is sticky.
-Cover the dough and let it ferment in a warm place for an hour.
-Cut the piping bag from the corner.
-Fill the mixture into the bag from the inside.
-Pour enough oil into the pan to cover the dough. When the oil boils, squeeze the mixture and cut it with scissors.
-The pieces become like a balloon when boiling fry them evenly with a spoon, if everything seems to turn golden remove them.
-Mix 50g of powdered sugar with 15ml of water, when mixed-use a cooking brush and brush the pieces.

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