pocket pizza

 pocket pizza

pocket pizza

the ingredients :

  • 160ml milk.
  • sugar.
  • salt.
  • 230 grams of flour.
  • 21 grams of olive oil.
  • tomato sauce.
  • 140 gr mozzarella cheese.
  • chopped onion.
  • green olive.

Preparation :

-Pour 160ml of milk into a bowl, add 3g of sugar and 3g of salt, stir the milk to dissolve the salt and sugar in it.
-Add to them 230g of bread flour, mix all the ingredients for a few minutes, then knead with your hands.

-If the raw powder is gone and the dough becomes wet, add 21g of olive oil, knead again to soak all the oil in the dough (kneading time is 6 minutes).

-Cover the dough with plastic wrap and let it rest for 10 minutes.
-After resting the dough, divide it into 5/2, then roll out the larger dough first.

-Sprinkle flour on the surface, flatten the dough on the surface in a circular motion and roll it out 6~8 cm wide from the pan.

-Put holes in the dough for the exit of the seas.

-Cover the pan with cooking oil, spread the dough in the pan.

-Put a lot of tomato sauce and slices of green olives on top of the dough, add chopped onions and 140 grams of mozzarella cheese.

-Sprinkle the surface with flour and distribute the remaining small dough, spread the same size as the pan, put the dough on top of the ingredients, pressing the dough together to adhere.

-Turn on the stove over low heat, cover the pan and bake for 10 minutes. Then, turn it over, cover the pan and bake for another 10 minutes.

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