Shrimp pasta with pink sauce

 Shrimp pasta with pink sauce

Shrimp pasta with pink sauce

the ingredients :

  • 10 grams unsalted butter.
  • 5 grams minced garlic.
  • 50 grams of onions.
  • 100 grams shrimp.
  • 160 grams whipping cream.
  • 80 gr tomato sauce.
  • sugar.
  • salt.
  • chili powder.
  • garlic powder.
  • 100 grams of macaroni.

Preparation :

-Put a frying pan on low heat, stir 10 g of butter in each frying pan, add 5 g of minced garlic, 50 g of onions (cut into very small pieces), 100 g of shrimp, 160 g of whipping cream, and 80 g of tomato sauce, half of the sugar and a pinch of salt, stir well, add a pinch of chili powder and garlic.

-Boil the water, put 100g of pasta, and leave it for 10 minutes.

-Drain the pasta from the water, place it over the shrimp sauce, and stir for 2 minutes over medium heat.
-Take it out of the fire and sprinkle it from above, but black pepper.

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