Spicy chicken with cheese

 Spicy chicken with cheese

Spicy chicken with cheese

the ingredients :

  • 10 grams minced garlic.
  • 5 grams minced ginger.
  • 15g chili powder.
  • 75g chili paste.
  • 21 grams of sugar.
  • 12g sesame oil.
  • 20 grams honey.
  • 21 grams of soy sauce.
  • 4 grams sesame seeds.
  • ground pepper.
  • 500gm chicken breast.
  • 12 grams vegetable oil.
  • 80 grams sweet potato.
  • 100 grams of cabbage.
  • 100gm mozzarella cheese.

Preparation :

Prepare chicken marinade :

-In a glass jar, put the following ingredients:

  1. 10 grams minced garlic.
  2. 5 grams minced ginger.
  3. 15g chili powder.
  4. 75g chili paste.
  5. 21 grams of sugar.
  6. 12g sesame oil.
  7. 20 grams honey.
  8. 4 grams sesame seeds.
  9. pinch of ground pepper
-Stir all ingredients together in one bowl.

Chicken preparation:

-Cut the chicken into slices there into small squares.
-Wear the hops and mix the chicken pieces with the chicken seasoning with your hands.
-Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let the ingredients rest for 30 minutes.

Prepare the dish :

-Put a saucepan on medium heat, pour 12 grams of vegetable oil into it (let the oil heat up for 3 minutes).
-Pour the marinated chicken into the pot and stir a little, then add 80 grams of sweet potato in the form of slices, then cover the pot, after 5 minutes add 100 grams of cabbage (chopped), stir a little until the cabbage wilts, then sprinkle the dish with 100 grams of mozzarella cheese, cover the pot once Last until the dish is done.

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