The best and easiest milk bread recipe
    milk bread  ingredients:  250 grams of flour. 120 g warm milk. 30 grams of sugar. 2 grams of salt. 3 grams of yeast. 2 eggs. 25 grams of...
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Cheese and garlic bread
 Cheese and garlic bread Ingredients : 1 egg. sugar. Yeast Faure. 200 gr bread flour. salt. 80ml milk. 43 grams unsalted butter. mayonnaise....
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cinnamon rolls
 cinnamon rolls Ingredients : 180 grams liquid milk. 30 grams of sugar. instant dry yeast. 300 gr bread flour. salt. 90 grams of unsalted bu...
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Italian gingerbread (Panpepato recipe)
Italian gingerbread ingredients : 50 grams of hazelnuts. 50 grams of almonds. 50 grams of walnuts. 100 gm dark chocolate. 80 grams of date s...
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